Ini kali keempat saya pasang audio Mobil di koh Fuming semuanya berakhir dengan satu kata "SANGAT PUAS".. Sy kenal Koh Fuming tahun 2009.. sejak pertama kali mencoba hasil settingan audio di tempat...
• Kamal , Jakarta Timur
Kesan saya bertransaksi dengan Mastersound, MGK: 1. Dari awal konsultasi, langsung dilayani dengan sangat baik oleh ‘master’ Dedi, mulai dari kebutuhan dan budget serta spek yang sesuai...
• Joe - Jakarta Barat, TA- Jakarta Barat
Makasih ya bro, barangnya udah diterima, ternyata lebih bagus dari yg diperkirakan.
• Toto, Semarang
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Merk: ARC
Kode Produk: ARC KS 125.4 MINI
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp3.600.000
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ARC AUDIO KS125.4 MINI 4 channel power amplifier uses Full Range Class H Architecture that significantly improves efficiency without compromise to the sound quality. Don't be fooled by the small size. Class G make more power for there size then traditional designs and offer much lower THD and higer Damping Factors then Full Range Calass D designs.

Features :

  • Compact chassis design for small vehicle applications
  • Non Digital Class H Switching Design
  • Designed By Robert Zeff
  • Protection against: Reverse voltage, Over Voltage, Speaker Short, and Thermal Overload
  • Can drive highly reactive loads
  • Hi/Low Level balanced switchbladeRCA inputs for flexible integration into most applications
  • Optically isolated Mosfet power supply
  • Stable to 2 ohms
  • The KS 125.4 mini uses a patent pending auto sense turn-on circuit that offers a significant improvement in reliability and operation. No more will the amp unexpectedly turn off in the middle of a song. Instead of relying on the music to supply enough signal to turn on the amplifier on, ARC Audio's new design detects theBTL IC (Chip Amp) used in the majority of stock head units and amplifiers.
  • To further simplify OEM integration the KS 125.4 mini uses a fully balanced input stage that is switchblade between speaker and RCA input. Simply plugging your stock speaker wires into the RCA's will supply a perfect clean signal to the amplifier and turn it on.
  • In addition the remote turn on connection, with the flip of a switch becomes a remote turn-on output to connect the rest of your amplifiers.
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