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Ini kali keempat saya pasang audio Mobil di koh Fuming semuanya berakhir dengan satu kata "SANGAT PUAS".. Sy kenal Koh Fuming tahun 2009.. sejak pertama kali mencoba hasil settingan audio di tempat...
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Merk: ARC
Kode Produk: ARC PS 8
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp15.000.000
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PS 8
The PS8 is a relatively small black box type of product controlled and adjusted primarily by a laptop computer connected by USB cable. I say primarily because there are provisions to change settings and configurations with on-board switches as well that allow certain functions to be adjusted from the driver’s seat without requiring a PC.
The PS8 is not your typical DSP processor. It has been designed to be used as a solution for several quite different applications from OEM interfacing and fundamental system tuning and control to expert level tuning perfectly suited to the highest performance audiophile competition class systems. The feature set below describes the basic characteristics and functions built into the core DSP circuitry:Arc Audio PS8 Digital Signal Processor

As you can see, at the digital core is a high-performance, 32-bit, user-programmable, fixed-point DSP that’s capable of performing two multiply-and-accumulate (MAC) operations per clock cycle. The DSP core has eight 72-bit accumulators, four X- and four Y-data registers and 12 index registers. Coupled to the DSP core is a flexible DMA engine, which can move data between peripherals such as the serial control port (SCP), digital audio input (DAI), digital audio output (DAO) or any DSP core memory, all without the intervention of the DSP.


- High-performance audio optimized with a 32-bit DSP.
- 300,000,000 MAC/S (multiply accumulates per second).
- Dual MAC cycles per clock.
- Dual 72-bit accumulators (the most accurate in the industry).
- 24,000 x 32 SRAM, 2,000 blocks (assignable to data or program).
- Internal watch-dog DSP lock-up prevention.
- Maximum 32-bit @ 192 kHz.
- Supports 32-bit audio sample I/O between DSP chips.
- 192 kHz SPDIF transmitter.
- Multi-channel DSD direct stream digital SACD input.
- Supports two different input Fs sample rates.
- Dual processing path capability.
- Codec / digital-to-analog converter 32-bit operation capable of 192 kHz.
- S/N ratio analog input 96 dBA.
- S/N ratio digital input 109 dBA.
- Dedicated dual 72-bit algorithm volume control processors.
- 170 MHz primary processing.
- 48-bit internal audio sequence processing.


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