Kesan saya bertransaksi dengan Mastersound, MGK: 1. Dari awal konsultasi, langsung dilayani dengan sangat baik oleh ‘master’ Dedi, mulai dari kebutuhan dan budget serta spek yang sesuai...
• Joe - Jakarta Barat, TA- Jakarta Barat
Saya sudah yg ke dua kali ini pasang audio untuk mobil saya. Setelah yg pertama saya puas dan saya merekomendasikan 2 orang teman saya juga. Akhirnya saya upgrade lagi audio mobil saya, dmn...
• Harry , jakarta
Hasil penambahan Full Range Speaker dari Cello dan tentunya settingan tangan handal dari sang master sound : K Fu Ming... audio standard dari Ertiga ane makin jossssss...karakter vocal audio nya...
• KK, Tangerang
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Morel Elate 3 Way

Morel Elate 3 Way
Merk: Morel
Kode Produk: Morel Elate 3 Way
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp15.000.000
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The Elate series presents the ultimate combination of technological savvy and superior sound. The Elate SW woofers are Morel's solution for deep and accurate bass reproduction. Engineered to be utilized in a wide array of applications, the Elate series presents the pinnacle of Morel's component line.

The new Uniflow aluminum die-cast chassis has a shallow aerodynamic design to minimize sound reflections distortion. The large diameter 75mm (3") Hexatech voice coil supports a one-piece DPC shallow cone, enabling the loudspeaker profile to remain low while preventing cone breakup distortion at high levels. The Elate series combines outstanding power handling capability with a compact size.

Morel's signature "sweet and warm" sound comes to the fore with the new MT-23 and its powerful double neodymium magnet and Acuflex coated soft dome tweeter. Built to perform, it utilizes a 28mm (1 1/8") diameter aluminum Hexatech voice coil to provide better power handling. Its powerful double magnet motor, coupled with its low resonance point, makes the MT-23 a highly transient and dynamic tweeter that forms a high and wide soundstage and an accurate image.

For those who demand more, the CDM-88, optimized for high-end audio systems, is the obvious choice. The CDM-88 soft dome midrange features a large 54mm (2 1/8") diameter aluminum Hexatech voice coil that drives a soft dome membrane with a larger than normal sound radiating surface, providing the full midrange frequency spectrum and deep, clear sound. The CDM-88 employs a C.A.R. Filter providing an excellent acoustic loading while eliminating the need for a rear chamber.

Designed with installers in mind, the Accuset MX-33.4.E crossover network offers a variety of adjustment capabilities: Frequency slope selection, level attenuation for all of the components, bi-wiring and bi-amping, assuring optimum adaptability of the speakers performance to any car environment. The new Accuset crossover alignment system further eases the tuning process by enabling easy adjustment of the crossover from any desired location. Thus, achieving optimal soundstage and performance.


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